June 2013 - 316 - Photo Annual




The Good Book: The Fifty Classic Climbs of North America is a revered (and sometimes maligned) list that no climber has ever completed—but three people are this close. We have the exclusive interviews. Plus: Commentary by Fifty Classics co-author Allen Steck.

Road Trip! To live the dream is to climb... a lot. And there's no easier way than to head out on an extended road trip. Do it in style with our photographic guide to the country's best crags. Bonus: Dirtbag-approved rules of the road.

Epicenter: Climbing for days on end sounds like fun, but your skin and muscles are quick to disagree. Get adequate rest with these kick-ass activities. Work hard, play hard, we say.


From Rock to Alpine: Pro alpinist Scott Bennett shares essential knowledge for rock climbers looking to venture into the high country.

How to Hip Belay: Speed up and cover more ground in the mountains by using this time-tested belay technique.

Haul Your Pack: Jeff Achey explains why hauling on long routes is more efficient than wearing a pack on your back. Hint: You can climb harder!

Health and Training

Fit for the 50: We teamed up with two pro trainers to formulate five training circuits so you can tackle any of the Fifty Classics.

Climb Hard Offwidths: Part two of Pamela Pack's wide-crack training routine is grueling—but stick to the program, and you'll see major results.


Road Warrior: Packing for your next climbing trip? Check out these gadgets that make life on the road much sweeter. Bonus: Brittany Griffith gives the lowdown on how to pimp your ride.