June/July 2012 - 306 - Photo Annual

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DESTINATIONSThe Guide: Galen Rowell’s Sierra Classics:Peter Croft highlights eight amazing rock routes in the High Sierra.Hero Shots:Pack your camera for these super-photogenic rock climbs around the U.S.Shooters’ Choice: Eight top-flight climbing photographers share their favorite crags.

Deserts: Photographer Andrew Burr showcases the best of America’s four great deserts.

7 Under 30: Argentina, France, Utah, California, Australia... A portfolio from seven great up-and-coming climbingphotographers.


Shoot Like Galen: Four low-tech methods for improving your climbing photography, inspired by Galen Rowell.

Staying Power: How to train for multi-day climbs in the mountains.

Alpine Anchors: Two techniques for quicker, safer anchors on multi-pitch routes, from AMGA guide Ian Nicholson.

Maximize Your DSLR: What do all those numbers mean, and how do you use them to shoot better photos?

Surviving Eldo: How to avoid dangerous accidents in Eldorado Canyon—or any other traditional crag.

Better Taping: Crack master Peewee Ouellett shares his sure-firehand-taping technique.




The Guide: Galen Rowell

Routes: Photographers’ Favorites

Clinics: Anchors, DSLRs, Surviving Eldorado,Tape Gloves