Kellogg Races Up Rainier


Acclimatized by many weeks on Broad Peak and K2, Chad Kellogg broke his own record for speed climbing Mt. Rainier on August 9. Alternating between trail runners and spiked javelin shoes, Kellogg climbed from the Paradise trailhead to the summit and back in 4:59:01, via Disappointment Cleaver, thus shaving about seven minutes from his old mark, set in 1998. Kellogg tagged the summit 3 hours 33 minutes after leaving the parking lot at 6 a.m. In July, Kellogg reached the 8,032-meter north summit of Broad Peak in Pakistan, but deep snow and deteriorating weather kept him from continuing to the main peak. Kellogg had hoped to climb K2 but left the mountain after a couple of trips to Camp 2 on the Abruzzi Spur because of continued poor weather and very discouraging forecasts. Just days later, a three-day window of clear weather allowed more than 40 climbers to summit K2. Kellogg headed to Rainier right after returning home to Seattle, in order to take advantage of his acclimatization and, undoubtedly, to salvage something from the K2 disappointment.