Kill 'Em with Greenness


Everyone knows bugs dig sweet stuff. So when I checked out the ECOSMART ORGANIC INSECT REPELLENT ($6.19 per 6oz bottle,, I noticed with some alarm that the all-natural formula uses such gustatory delights as rosemary, peppermint, cinnamon, and lemongrass oils. On the flip side, it was also DEET free (meaning, no chemical paranoia), so I gave it a go one July evening at the Bog-Wallow Boulders. Even though I smelled like I’d gone sample-happy at a Bath & Body Works, I flipped for the fact that EcoSMART’s brew truly was nonoily and dried within seconds. The mosquitoes, for their part, came within an inch of my skin, spazzed out, and then zipped away. Me: 1; mosquitoes: 0.

—Leah Miller