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Kinder Links 5.14d FA in Utah

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Joe Kinder has completed a link-up of two 5.14 routes at the Wailing Wall in southwestern Utah to create a 5.14d line called The Re-Up, the hardest route he has redpointed and one of the most difficult in the country.The Re-Up starts with the long crux passage of Unforgivable (5.14b/c), a route Kinder climbed in early April, shortly after Daniel Woods made the first ascent. After a “medium rest” and a leftward traverse, the route finishes with the long 5.14a crux of Schlachthaus Funf (“Slaughterhouse 5”).

“The whole route is a giant crux,” Kinder said in a video interview shortly after the send:

Post Send Talking....about the Re-Up. from Joey Kinder on Vimeo.

Date of Ascent: April 29, 2009

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