Kinder Sends 5.14c Rifle Project


10/15/10 - Joe Kinder finished another hard Rifle, Colorado, project yesterday with Waka Flocka Flame (5.14c), a link-up that starts on Waka Flocka (5.14b) and leads into Living the Dream (5.14a).

On August 30, Kinder FA'd Waka Flocka, a route he'd bolted two weeks previously. Sam Elias bolted (which Jonathan Siegrist climbed in August 2010) Living the Dream, an extension to Living in Fear (5.13d). In mid-September, Kinder added a bolt for his new, large link-up.

Previously, Kinder had fallen off the link section, a V7 bouldery move that requires a cross off a small crimp. "The hold you cross to itself is sh-t," Kinder blogged, "and has no texture, which brings in another element of difficulty."

Other notable Rifle climbs by Kinder recently include his FA of Caddy Whompus (5.14a) and Steve Hong's Planet X (5.14b).

Date of ascent: October 14, 2010