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News link: On March 17, Joey Kinder succeeded in sending his most recent project, Flight of the Conchords, which sits in a 300-foot cave near Kinder's home in Hurricane, Utah. While hesitant to attach a grade, the 29-year-old New Hampshire native suggests an 8c+, or 5.14c. He spent a total of 16 days cleaning and climbing the route. "The route's style, the personal connection I had with it, and the simple challege were what kept me in love," he says.

Kinder has been investing much of his time establishing new routes in the area he calls the Hurricave. “I've been bolting a lot of different areas lately,” Kinder says. “Basically, I don't leave my house without my drill.” The cliff holds potential for even harder routes, he says, with some that may reach the 5.15 grade.

He's also working to clean and bolt several new areas local to St. George, which he claims “will be a great addition to the USA's sport climbing caliber.”

To read more about Kinder's recent sends, visit his blog.

Date of Ascent: March 17, 2010

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