King Lines Soundtrack

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Big Up Productions

King Lines Soundtrack

The King Lines Soundtrack is now available as a downloadable purchase.Big Up Productions had the soundtrack professionally mastered by Jonathan Deans, who also appears as an artist on the OST. Our music supervisor, Daniel Cross, organized all the licensing and had a big hand in putting all this together. We've selected 15 of the hottest tracks from the film which you can purchase as a downloadable package for $11.95 from: Track list: 1. "Glitter Clatter" - Throwing Snow 2. "Partners in Progress" - Ryan Szarko 3. "Dance Your Troubles Away" - Up, Bustle & Out 4. "Musica De Paz" - Papa Shanty 5. "Tout L'art De Rouler" - Broken Sound Collective 6. "Under the Counter" - Custom Blue 7. "Midnight Running" - Will It Snow 8. "The Itch" - Bussetti 9. "Claisson" - Jonathan Deans 10. "Death Ain't Nothing" - Broken Sound Collective 11. "DaBooDaBee" - Sander Pick 12. "Revisiting the Tomb in Miami" - iPascal 13. "Hours" - The Late Greats 14. "Stormbreaker" - Vasco & Paul 15. "All Out King featuring Romanowsky" - Up, Bustle & Out

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