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Klime Official Supplier for USA Climbing


Offering their services for the benefit of the community

Tempe, AZ. - USA Climbing announces Klime as an Official Supplier for the USA Climbing organization for 2009. The relationship started with this past summer's 2009 Youth National Championships in Salt Lake City, UT. Klime is a custom clothing manufacturer located in Tempe, Arizona that specializes in climbing lifestyle apparel. Klime supplied the competitor and volunteer t-shirts for the 2009 SCS Youth National Championships, and has begun offering their screen-printing services to members of the USAC at discounted prices. The ABS season is about to kick off in September, and a co-sponsored tour is in the works for competitions nationwide, where climbers will be able to purchase co-branded merchandise, as well as Klime products. "Klime has worked very hard to get this opportunity to work with USA Climbing and the gyms affiliated with it. We have re-constructed our entire program to bring to you Klime Kustom. Since we own our own printing facility, we are able to provide customized tees and other garments to the industry at prices that cannot be beat! It is an honor to be able to give back to a community that has given all of us here so much. We look forward to working with the USA Climbing and its members." Nick Tortajada, President, Klime Clothing Co. "We could not be more excited to work with Klime Clothing to serve the needs of the USA Climbing membership." - Keith Ferguson, CEO, USA Climbing

About Klime Clothing Co.:Klime Clothing Co. was formed by, built upon the support of, and continues to thrive due to the community in which it is set. We try to base many of our decisions ranging from product choices and designs to advertising and event planning on direct feedback from those who surround us. We value each and every piece of feedback we receive and use to it to better our company now and prepare for an exciting future. Through the combined efforts of many, we were able to take this idea of Klime and make it into a reality-and that is what we are all about-building something together through a team effort. It is our belief that each member on a team is the most important member and it is the combined efforts and support of all involved that mark the day as a successful one.

For more information visit: klimeonline.com