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La Sportiva Set To Support the Boulder Climbing Series (BCS)

La Sportiva Set To Support the Boulder Climbing Series (BCS)

La Sportiva Shoe Demos and Special Sales to Occur in Conjunction with Competition Series

10.07.2009 – La Sportiva N.A., makers of technical climbing, mountaineering, Mountain Running® and hiking footwear, announced that it will partner with the Boulder Rock Club for season 3 of the annual Boulder Climbing Series. The Boulder Climbing Series is a monthly series of friendly, low-key climbing competitions. Unlike most other events in Colorado, the BCS will be a top-rope and lead climbing series, rather than bouldering. “The Boulder Climbing Series has become an iconic event in Boulder,” says La Sportiva Marketing Manager, Laura Fryer. “The Boulder Rock Club does an excellent job hosting this 5-part winter, competition series---providing a fun format for all members of the Boulder climbing community. La Sportiva is excited to support the 2009/10 Boulder Climbing Series with several new offerings slated for the upcoming season.” The Boulder Climbing Series is open to climbers of all ages and abilities, and will be held the third Friday of every month (October-February) from 6-9pm at the Boulder Rock Club (2829 Mapleton). Food, drinks and a raffle will follow each event. In addition, there will also be a season-long ranking and awards at the final comp. The season’s first competition is set for next Friday, October 16. “The Boulder Climbing Series is most importantly about having a good time,” says Boulder Rock Club Director, Mike Alkaitis. “Last year the competition series drew over 80 participants per event with a total of 494 participants for the season. With this year’s addition of a new ‘family’ category, we hope to inspire entire family’s to come out and join us for some great, climbing fun. What are you doing on Friday nights in the Front Range?”

La Sportiva Set To Support the Boulder Climbing Series (BCS)

The format of the competition series allows climbers three hours to climb. Climbers are scored by the sum of their top three completed routes. Each route is worth three different point values, for flashing on lead (completion on the first attempt), for redpointing on lead (completion on any subsequent attempt), and flashing or redpointing on top-rope (completion on any attempt). Climbers will need to bring their own belayers. Divisions will be split by gender and age. New at this year’s Boulder Climbing Series, La Sportiva will host a climbing shoe demo in conjunction with each of the climbing competitions. During the subsequent week after each event, the Boulder Rock Club and Neptune Mountaineering will host a climbing shoe sale to all club members on select La Sportiva product. For more information on the Boulder Climbing Series, schedule, etc., please go to: