Lachat Makes Third Ascent of Chaxi (5.15a)


1/25/13 - Cédric Lachat, a Swiss climber, has done the third ascent of Chaxi (5.15a), a 130-foot route bolted by Chris Sharma—and first climbed by Adam Ondra—in Oliana, Spain.

Lachat first tried the route in the beginning of 2012. In an email to Climbing, he said he had worked hard on it for a week, but because the skin on his hands was so torn up, he couldn't complete the ascent. He went back three months later, but the bad conditions—it was way too hot—kept him from sending. This month, Lachat worked Chaxi for a week straight, and after taking a five-day break, he finally finished the route.

Lachat said that he had never felt such a strong feeling after climbing the route, and that it was his biggest success so far, despite being a huge mental battle for him. "The crux moves are really reachy, so I always fell on the same move," said Lachat. After working hard for competitions since the end of 2012, Lachat said Chaxi was a "fantastic result from all my investments in training."

Lachat plans to visit Margalef, Spain, in February or March, is looking forward to the 2013 Bouldering World Cup comps.

Shortly after climbing Chaxi, in 2011, Ondra added a direct start, called Chaxi Raxi, that's estimated to be 5.15b.

Date of ascent: January 15, 2013

Source: Cédric Lachat, Nina Caprez