Lauren Lee - Pro Blog 5


Limited by fatigue, I succumbed to resting. Roommates Joe and Colette were packing and hitting the road for their upcoming tour in Spain. The urgency to get myself organized for my trip to France finally set in. Procrastination is normal for me, especially when it comes to packing. It takes me out of the moment and puts the bigger picture back into perspective. Packing a dreaded necessity of travel, was a great relief to have finished. Climbing giant and good friend Emily Harrington was in town on a climbing retreat. Due to limited time and dwindling motivation, we kicked it chilling at the ranch.

Once the cars were loaded we caravanned out to the Perkins’ farm to drop off Joe and Colette’s cars, and then went to Jazzy Java to grab something warm to drink. I dropped Joe, Colette and Emily off at the shuttle and then cruised over to good friend Malynda’s home. We made plans to climb in the morning since it was my last day in town. We were even able to get Lacy and Makena to join us at the limestone cave. Time with the ladies was therapeutic, but seemed short-lived. Managing to have more plans then what seemed plausible, I returned from the cave to find that I needed to be in a dress and ready for the Cirque du Soliel in fifteen minutes.

Not being a high maintenance kind of girl this didn’t seem like a problem, the toughest of all was saying goodbye for an extended length of time to the gals. Fast tracking to Las Vegas, we narrowly arrived on time to meet up with Craig Berman a friend and performer in the Cirque show Love. Keith and I got the backstage tour. The circular theater was impressive with its many mobile parts. We were treated to pre-set, so we were already over the wonder and grandeur of the stage by the time the performance would begin. Backstage the performers were prepping in make-up and costumes, all the performers were so unique and beautiful, a spectacle of physique.

Malynda and I having fun.

Malynda and I having fun.

When Craig headed to make-up Keith and I took off to grab a bite to eat. We took in the sights as we trolled around the Mirage, then we made our way back to the theater. Once seated by the charming English crossing guard, we sat anxiously awaiting the show to begin. Craig was filling the role of Sergeant Pepper, normally cast to play the role of Her majesty. I’ve always been a Beatles fan… As a child it was generally a happy time when my mother would put on their music and we would freestyle, dancing and singing along.

The show opened with a captivating symphony of a time that would surely change. It was a visual spectacle. The plot was loosely tied along the environment in which the Beatles grew up, nurturing the musical revolution they would inspire. The music was brilliantly coordinated to the theatrics accompanied with astounding dance and acrobatics. The show was a visual ecstasy; it took me through all states of awe. It was a balance of life and love and more than anything peace.

On the way out Craig called us to join the cast backstage for buffet. Still in a state of bliss, we happily ate and kicked it with Craig and friends. They didn’t have much time before their next performance, so we said good-bye and headed back to Hurricane.