Lead and Speed World Cup Wrap-up from Chamonix


7/13/10 - The International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) Lead and Speed World Cups wrapped up today in Chamonix, France, with Spain's Ramón Julian Puigblanque and French climber Charlotte Durif finishing first in the men's and women's lead comp. Czech climber Libor Hroza won the men's speed comp, with Ksenia Alekseeva of Russia taking the gold for the women. Russian climbers once again saw numerous victories in the speed divisions, adding a gold, silver, and bronze medal to their register (Russia has flooded the podiums in Speed this year).

Men's Lead Results:

  1. Ramon Julian Puigblanque (Spain)

  2. Patxi Usobiaga Lakunza (Spain)

  3. Jorg Verhoeven (Netherlands)

  4. Sachi Amma (Japan)

  5. Manuel Romain (France)

  6. Gauthier Supper (France)

Women's Lead Results:

  1. Charlotte Durif (France)

  2. Helene Janicot (France)

  3. Maja Vidmar (Slovenia)

  4. Alexandra Eyer (Switzerland)

  5. Monika Prokopiuk (Poland)

  6. Xuhua Pan (China)

Men's Speed Results:

  1. Libor Hroza (Czech)

  2. Sergey Sinitsyn (Russia)

  3. Stanislav Kokorin (Russia)

  4. Zufar Nigmanov (Russia)

  5. Ning Zhang (China)

  6. Qixin Zhong (China)

Women's Speed Results:

  1. Ksenia Alekseeva (Russia)

  2. Edyta Ropek (Poland)

  3. Cuilian He (China)

  4. Yuliya Levochkina (Russia)

  5. Monika Prokopiuk (Poland)

  6. Xuhua Pan (China)

See full results here at ifsc-climbing.org.

American Sasha Digiulian, the only competitor from the U.S., finished near the middle of the pack in the women’s lead competition, placing 32nd (out of 57). Canadian Sean McColl finished 19th (out of 65) in the men’s lead comp.