Leave it to the Swiss: Mammut Togir Slide


When you’re 800 feet up a rock face, hanging at a belay station, and staring at the lichen while your leader fiddles with gear above, an uncomfortable harness shouldn’t be a concern. Mammut has recognized the need for both light weight and comfort with the new MAMMUT TOGIR SLIDE ($99.95, mammut.ch), a low-profile harness that breathes, packs down easily, and won’t leave you squirming in the air. At fewer than 16 ounces, the Togir Slide is versatile and well rounded, ready to tackle multi-pitch, sport, or even gym sessions. Mammut included its patented plastic tie-in protector on the bottom tie-in point to prevent premature wear from the rope, and the belay loop includes Mammut’s Indicator webbing, with a red core so you know exactly when your harness is ready for retirement. Four specially molded gear loops make grabbing gear effortless, and skin-friendly mesh provides great ventilation. I wore this outside in 85° F temps and in a sweltering, stuffy gym, and I managed to come away without those conspicuous, embarrassing sweat marks on my rear. —Amanda Fox