Lindner muy fuerte in Mexico


Chris Lindner is having a happy new year in northern Mexico. The 19-year-old Southern Californian has onsighted a slew of 5.13 sport climbs on the limestone walls of El Potrero Chico and the tufa-laden caves of El Salto. Over the span of a couple of weeks, Lindner onsighted Big Blue (5.13c) at El Potrero and Huiratica (5.13b) at El Salto, as well as four other 5.13a routes. One fine day last week, Lindner onsighted two 5.13 routes and redpointed a pair of others at El Potrero, including Amigo del Diablo (5.13d). A few days earlier, he had redpointed The H-Bomb (5.14a) at El Salto.