Lunar Eclipse on Mount Washburn


Mount Washburn (10,243 feet), Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Photo by Richard F. Fleck


(August 28, 2007)

On the flanks of Mount Washburn, high above most of Yellowstone, we watch an eclipse of the moon as it slowly darkens to brown except for one glaring rim in the chilly air of five a.m. The mountain slowly lightens in pre-dawn under a Milky Way revealing our pine-draped trail and ghostly fire-burnt trees, their naked trunks shining in stronger lunar light, and in a meadow far below two coyotes howl as the old moon returns to full bloom. We push on, through the sage-Brush, to the full-mooned summit and the rising of the sun where we give thanks to our lucky stars.

Richard F. Fleck