Mallorca Slideshow and Movie by David Vuono


On March 27, 2009 at 8:00pm, David Vuono will be giving a slideshow on his most recent climbing adventure to deep-water solo in Mallorca, Spain with his good friend and climber Kevin Ryan. The slideshow and raffle will take place at Petra Cliffs Climbing Center in Burlington, Vermont.

David Vuono is a passionate rock climber, professional rock climbing photographer and environmental activist. Over the past five years, he has been giving slideshow presentations about his personal climbing trips as a means to express his passion for climbing and photography. As a result, his shows have gained wide acceptance and praise throughout the climbing community and have become a great venue to raise money for a local climbing organization, Climbing Resource Access Group or CRAG-VT.

CRAG-VT is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to protecting and preserving Vermont’s climbing and environmental resources through cooperation and collaboration with local and state authorities, private residents, and other organizations. CRAG-VT has acquired land through fundraising and donations, thereby preventing land development and environmental degradation.

A donation for the raffle from your organization would benefit CRAG-VT in this manner to protect a natural area known as Upper West Bolton. Upper West is one of the birthplaces of Vermont climbing and your donation will help secure it forever.

Further information and a sample of some Mallorca photos can be found at

View the trailer for the movie: