Mammut Bouldering Championships


Daniel Woods and Lizzy Asher won the third and final stop of the Mammut Bouldering Championships, March 24-25 at the New Jersey Rock Gym. Woods flashed three of the five final problems in the Gravity Brawl for his second victory in the East Coast tour, which had earlier stops at Earth Treks in Maryland and Metro Rock in Massachusetts. Asher, who flashed all five final problems, also won two of the three comps in the tour.

With a second-place finish and two third-place results in the tour, Sasha DiGiulian was named women’s series champion. Vasya Vorotnikov, with fifth-, first-, and fourth-place finishes, was the men’s series champion.

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1. Daniel Woods 2. Paul Robinson 3. Adam Markert 4. Vasya Vorotnikov 5. Paul Wallace


1. Lizzy Asher 2. Sydney McNair 3. Sasha DiGiulian 4. Francesca Metcalf 5. Kasia PietrasComment on this story