Mammut Sendfest Results


The Front Climbing Gym, Salt Lake City, Utah.Photo by Luke Laeser

Mammut Sendfest Results

Chris Sharma easily won the men’s elite competition at the Mammut Sendfest in Salt Lake City, while Tomoko Ogawa of Japan won a closely fought battle among the women. Ogawa, silver medalist at the 2005 Asian X-Games, held off most of America’s best female boulderers for her victory, including Emily Harrington, Natasha Barnes and Lizzy Asher. Patrick Cassiday won the Sportiva Dyno Contest.

The Sendfest, held at The Front Climbing Club held in conjunction with the summer Outdoor Retailer trade show, offered a total purse of more than $6,000.

Rebeckah Berry crankin on the finals problem at the Mammut Sendfest.Photo by Luke Laeser

Mammut Sendfest Results


1. Chris Sharma 2. Keita Mogaki (JAP) 3. Zeb Engberg 4. Sean McColl (CAN) 5. Matt Bosley


1. Tomoko Ogawa (JAP) 2. Emily Harrington 3. Natasha Barnes 4. Lizzy Asher 5. Alex Johnson


1. Patrick Cassiday 2. Buck Branson 3. Ethan Pringle 4. Keita Mogaki (JAP) 5. Mike Auldridge 6. Brett Ashton

Underground Chuck spinnin for the croud at Sendfest.Photo by Luke Laeser

Mammut Sendfest Results