Markovic, Amma Win Latest Lead World Cup


8/14/13 - The 2013 Lead World Cup series continued August 10 in Imst, Austria, where Japan's Sachi Amma and Slovenia's Mina Markovic took first place.

Markovic and Magdalena Röck of Austria were tied after semi-finals, but Markovic pulled ahead in the next round. Japan's Momoka Oda reached the same high point as Markovic in finals, but Oda's third-place ranking in the previous round landed her in second place. Jain Kim, who won the first leg of the series, took third place.

Amma and Austria's Jakob Schubert were the only two men to top out in the qualifying round. Ramón Julian Puigblanque of Spain took a large lead in semi-finals, reaching a much higher hold than the others. Finals came down to Amma and Schubert, who fell in the same spot; Amma's earlier results clinched his first-place finish. Ramón Julian finished third.

Sean McColl of Canada was the only North American to compete, and he finished 10th. Watch the video below for a replay of finals (the climbing starts at the 34-minute mark.)

Women's final results:

  1. Mina Markovic (Slovenia)

  2. Momoka Oda (Japan)

  3. Jain Kim (Korea)

  4. Hélène Janicot (France)

  5. Magdalena Röck (Austria)

  6. Evgenia Malamid (Russia)

Men's final results:

  1. Sachi Amma (Japan)

  2. Jakob Schubert (Austria)

  3. Ramón Julian Puigblanque (Spain)

  4. Hyunbin Min (Korea)

  5. Magnus Midtboe (Norway)

  6. Thomas Ballet (France)

The next Lead World Cup will be held on September 20-21 in Puurs, Belgium.