Martin Keller: 100 days Leads to New V15

4/27/12 – Martin Keller is proposing V15 for a new boulder problem in Chironico, Switzerland.

Der mid dem Fels tanzt (translated to “Dances with Rock”) was previously known as the “Fisch project.” Keller spent more than three years and an astounding 100+ days working out this problem. It’s long, composed of a four-move V13/14 into a 15-move V13.

Keller has a nice write-up of his efforts on his blog, which you can read here. In short, he says, “For me, it’s a very nice, once-impossible-looking line, and by far the most funky, most crazy, most powerful, most delicate, and hardest moves I have ever been able to link! I finally got my little bit of luck. The perfect day. The perfect go. No tiny error, but also no power left for even one more move. That’s how it feels when you climb on/over your limit. Just perfect.”

This ascent stands out among potential V15 boulder problems because of the longevity of Keller’s tenacity on the project. He says, “This ascent showed me again, no matter what grade you are climbing, that if you really, really want to do something hard or over your limit, then don’t put your head in the sand. Stand up and go for it… But you may have to give a lot from you. Not just a two-day mini-epic… You have to think, dream, and literally live it.”

See photos and read more about how he started this monster project three years ago on his blog.

Date of ascent: April 24, 2012