Massive Cerro Torre Link-Up


Stephen Koch, Dean Potter and Marko Prezelj forged a massive link-up from the lowest cliff at the base of Cerro Torre’s eastern flank to the summit of the Patagonian spire. On January 20, the trio started up El Mochito, a 1,000-foot cliff that tops out below the start of Cerro Torre’s normal Southeast Ridge route, then continued up the 1,600-foot Southwest Pillar (Anker-Piola Route) of El Mocho, the flat-topped stump east of Cerro Torre. From there, they traversed a beautiful snow and ice arête to gain the Col of Patience at the base of the Southeast Ridge (Compressor Route) and fired this to the summit. The entire link-up gained more than 6,600 vertical feet and required about 40 hours, with one short rest stop to make soup and drinks.Comment on this story