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Master Blast, Part VI


Eric Perlman offers the latest in his beloved, high-octane Masters of Stone series: Masters of Stone VI: Breakthrough ($29.95, The first film debuted in 1990 with a blend of fast-paced climbing, muscular dynos, and heavy-metal music still emulated today. (Rock Warriors, anyone?) And though Perlman took a hiatus with the 1998 passing of his star Dan Osman, he returns in fine form with Breakthrough, which follows the themes “Harder, Bolder, Newer, Creative, Damage Control, and Faster.” Highlights: wingsuit madness off Norway’s monster cliffs; Cedar Wright and Sean Leary speedsoloing Nutcracker at 100 feet/minute; Alex Honnold perfectly calm, free solo on Astroman and the Rostrum; and a rousing finale of Yuji Hirayama and Hans Florine’s 2008 Nose speed records (think, barrel rolls, 60-foot loops, and massive runouts off cam hooks).

—Matt Samet