Melt Down - Jetboil Sumo


Jetboils are great… for one-person-at-a-time cooking. Now there’s the Sumo ($50,, a 1.8-liter cook pot that locks onto your existing Jetboil burner base (most models are compatible). This coffee can–shaped canister melts snow like a pro—great for high-altitude excursions. Despite its larger size (weight: 12.5 oz.), it’s not a gas hog, and you can fit a complete Jetboil system inside for packing purposes. Insulated by neoprene, the bottom cover doubles as a measuring cup and bowl. While you’re at it, pick up the Jetboil CrunchIt ($5.95) for easy canister recycling. This barely-there tool (1 oz.) punctures empty butane fuel canisters to safely prepare them for recycling bins.