Memorial Service for Steve Dieckhoff


Photos by Beth Wald.


Steve Dieckhoff, the Boulder, Colorado, climber, artist, carpenter, and friend to many passed away on Saturday, March 15. Before he went, he had some time to mull over his final requests. One of these was regarding a memorial service. He requested that his friends hold a “traditional ‘climber death’ gathering in Eldorado State Park on the first convenient warm Sunday.”

This event is to be on the 6th April, 5 pm, at the picnic area near the visitor center.

All are welcome.

What exactly is a traditional climber death gathering?

Well, Steve has left us, but there remain the usual great memories and stories.

And the artwork; beautiful paintings, capturing the best of his favorite places. The wonderful paintings ( he left us are a reflection of a creative and observant intelligence. An intelligence that, in advocating a traditional approach to climbing could be combative and demanding at times. But an intelligence that understood that the essence of climbing is that the more serious the effort and risk, the bigger the reward.

A life and legacy worth celebrating.

Plans for this event include readings of a few of his written pieces, and an invitation for anyone to tell stories about Steve.

Also, as the light fades, showings of some of his slide collection, which includes many climbing slides, but also portraits, landscapes and many slides of his own artwork.

There will be beer provided.

Please bring your own food items.