MetroRock's Dark Horse Series - Event 2

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Continuing the recent progression of world class bouldering competitions in the NorthEast, MetroRock just finished the second stop of its four comp Dark Horse Series. On December 12th, over 200 competitors and spectators showed up to compete for the Dark Horse title. The top six competitors in each Open category advanced to finals in the evening to battle over the $1,100 cash purse.

Francesca Metcalf ended up demolishing the Female Open field by finishing all but the last Finals problem, controlling half-pad crimps and pinches on the 45-degree wall like they were jugs. For men, the entire comp came down to the very last try for Rob D’Anastasio. VasyaVorotnikov put the pressure on Rob D by flashing Finals #1, 3, and 4. However, Rob D. stepped up his game by flashing all four problems, finishing with a shoulder-wrenching gaston crux for that nights Dark Horse title.

The series culminates into a heart-stopping Championship round where ten of the country's most vicious, blood-thirsty competitors battle for the top spot on March 27, 2010. With $8,300 up for grabs — the combined total for all four comps — this series is packing some serious heat.

Whether you’re a top pro competitor or an enthusiastic beginnger, this series has what you need for a good time. Don’t miss the remaining two; February 27th and the Championship ($5,000 cash purse) March 27th, 2010.


Official Results

Men:1. Rob D’Anastasio 2. Vasya Vorotnikov 3. Julian Bautista

Women:1. Francesca Metcalf 2. Melissa Godowski 3. Emma Chilton

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