MetroRock's Dark Horse Series - Event 3

Photo by Pat Bagley

Photo by Pat Bagley

After what seemed like a hundred hours of setting and preparation, the third stop of the Dark Horse Series came barreling down the rails without fail, and despite the deceiving weather, we had a fantabulous turnout. Little rock-star kids of the future threw themselves at micro-crimps like they were handle bars, an older crowd of masters proved to everyone that their steel-reinforced fingers still somehow worked, and a few ridiculous mutant-fied dingdongs pulled their way into Finals – a show that always brings a smile to my face even bigger than the Grinch's grin after he steals little Cindy Lou Hoo's Christmas tree.

The crowd was as loud as ever, too, but that may have been entirely due to the fact that they housed both of our kegs within an hour. I'm hoping it was the sick Finals competitors and bomb proof problems though! Thanks to everyone who helped us pull this event off for the third time.

What remains? The Dark Horse Championship: March 26 and 27, weighing in with a $5,000 cash purse for Pro Competitors and loaded with even more prizes for the Novice, Intermediate, Advances, Masters, and Junior categories. Holy bajeezers, it's going to be the real deal folks.

Official Results

Women1. Francesca Metcalf 2. Nina Williams 3. Emma Chilton

Men1. Vasya Vorotnikov 2. Mike Foley 3. Connor MacDonald

For a full list of results and more info, click here