More Fitz Roy Action


Climbing Ensueño on Fitz Roy’s north face.Photos courtesy of Tomaz Jakofcic.

More Fitz Roy Action

Crystal Davis-Robbins and Jon Walsh climbed the Casarotto Route on Fitz Roy in Patagonia, with Davis-Robbins making the probable first female ascent of the classic pillar. On their second major attempt, the American-Canadian duo completed the route in 27 hours of continuous climbing, with Davis-Robbins, 23, leading half of the climb, including the 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. shift. A storm hit them on the summit, and they bivied just below the top and then descended in a blizzard, returning to their high camp 47 hours after leaving. After 36 hours of rest, the two then climbed the Whillans Route on neighboring Aguja Poincenot.

Earlier, the Slovenian trio of Rok Blagus, Tomaz Jakofcic and Miha Valic made the second complete ascent of the route Ensueño, which an Italian team pioneered over five days in 1995. The route takes a long, complicated line up Fitz Roy's north face, to the right of the Supercanaleta. The Slovenians reached the summit in a day and a half in pure alpine style. Rolando Garibotti and Silvo Karo had climbed Ensueño to its upper junction with the Supercanaleta in 1999 but were forced by a storm to descend without the summit.

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