Dear photographer, naturalist or climber,

I am writing to you to inform you, as each year, of the new competition of the International Mountain and Nature Photograph Contest, “Memorial Maria Luisa”. Two decades after its first edition, the María Luisa Memorial renews its traditional appointment with all mountain and nature photographers. This edition presents various significant novelties, amongst which are: digital mediums will be the only support format admitted, irrespective of the technique employed to capture the original image; there will be to clearly differentiated subjects, mountains and nature. There are new thematic prizes and a new section for young photographers under 20 years old, and the already familiar sections devoted to mountaineering and climbing will continue. We invite you, as well as your friends and companion photographers, to participate in the competition. Thus, you will join the large family which currently makes up this Memorial: 3.000 photographers from 50 different countries; with this objective we are sending you our Web page address There you will be able to find all the necessary information to participate in the competition in addition to the new developments therein, awards, itinerant exhibits, a photo gallery, etc. Finally, we would like to indicate that this activity is completely non-profit, and merely attempts to spread the inherent values of the mountaineering way of life and in nature, from a photographic point of view, we are glad to inform you that we care about copyright protections and so we fully respect the copyrights of the authors. We appreciate your attention and welcome you if you decide to participate. Please, feel free to extend this invitation to those persons and associations that may be interested in mountain and nature photography. Kindest regards, Memorial Maria Luisa