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Mountain Climber Reaches Beyond MS To Complete Seven Summit Mission


After Reaching the Top of the World’s Six Tallest Mountains,Wendy Booker Tackles Her Final Hurdle, Mount Everest

WHO: Mountain climber Wendy Booker is near completion of her Seven Summit mission, to climb the seven tallest mountains peaks, as she embarks on her final expedition, Mount Everest. Wendy’s journey evolved as she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in June 1998, after experiencing numbness in her legs and eventually falling down at work. This life-altering change inspired Wendy to raise awareness for MS research through climbing while encouraging others to achieve their goals.WHAT: Currently, Booker is working to summit Mount Everest this spring to complete her goal. Real time footage of Wendy climbing Everest will be available shortly. Additionally, Wendy is available for interviews (via email) to discuss her inspiring Seven Summit mission and provide inspirational tips for consumers to live “younger for longer,” a lifestyle Wendy embodies.WHEN: April 2009 – May 2009WHERE: Mount Everest (Located on the border of Nepal, Tibet and China)WHY: Wendy has teamed up with BP to help launch its full slate gasoline product, BP gasoline with Invigorate® – a unique formula that helps clean and protect vital engine parts to help cars run younger for longer. Wendy hopes to inspire others to live younger for longer through her Everest mission.

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