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Mountain Weather Fact: Kilimanjaro at 5893 meters (19.334 feet)Estimated summit conditions on Thursday 2-18-2010 are: -4 C (24 F), winds 5 m/s (10 knots) under cloudy conditions. Kilimanjaro is located in northeast Tanzania and is the highest peak in Africa.Mountain Weather Fact for Thursday 2-11-2010: Summit of Aconcagua which is in the Andes in Argentina at 6932 meters (22,841 feet) the estimated summit conditions are -17 C (1 F) with winds of 20 m/s (40 knots from the northwest). Wednesday Mountain Weather Fact: Mt Shasta in the Sierra Mountains of Northern California here are the summit conditions (10 am PT Wednesday 1-20-2010) at 14,179 feet (4322 meters). Cloudy with winds at 60 knots (30 m/s) from the south and temperatures of 3 F (-16 C). Let us know if there are locations you would like covered for next week.Wednesday Mountain Weather Fact for Wednesday 1-13-10Mt Rainer in Washington state (14,411 feet-4392 meters) currently 5 degrees F (-14C) with winds at 30 knots (15 m/s) from the south. Summit conditions on Wednesday 12-30-09Highest peak 11,000 feet (3333 meters) at Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah has 35 mph winds (17 m/s) with temperatures 5 F (-15 C) Mt Blanc in France, Alps summit 15,781 feet (4810 meters) winds at 50 mph (25 m/s) with temperatures of 10 F (-12 C)Wednesday Weather Fact: Real time estimated summit conditions for Aconcagua (22,964 feet, 6959 meters) in Chile, South America for Wednesday 12-16-09 , winds 30 knots (15 m/s) temperatures -4 F (-20 C).Wednesday Weather Fact: Morning low temperatures Wednesday 12-9-09 for Mt. Rainer (below summit) at Camp Muir (10,000 feet- 3030 meters) was 8 degrees F (-14 C) with 25 knot winds (12 m/s). The estimated conditions at Mt Everest summit ( 29,029 feet- 8,848 meters) was -5 F (-30 C) with 70 knot (35 ms/) winds. Camp Muir... was a big warm up from yesterday as low on Tuesday was -2 F (-19 C)

Forecast issued Thursday 12-03-09 for Mt. Vinson, Antarctica at 16,066 feet (4868 meters).For this Thursday and Friday summit winds at 20 to 30 knots (10 to 15 m/s) from the west. Night temperatures of -31 F(-35 C)Then on Saturday a weak weather system moves in and this will bring an increase in clouds and chance of some light showers.Summit... winds of 10 to 20 knots (5 to 10 m/s) with night temperatures of -22 F (-30 C)


Forecast issued Thursday 11-26-09 for Chattanooga Tennessee and the rock climbing region of Lookout Mountain.Summary: An upper level low (see map below) will drop down from the north over the next 24 hours and this will bring some clouds later today and tonight along with some gusty winds late tonight and into early Friday. However, we are not expecting any precipitation. Then for later on Friday and into the weekend a ridge of high pressure builds for sunny and dry conditions with daytime temperatures above normal. Highs on Friday will be about 55 and will warm up to the low 60’s for Saturday and Sunday. Morning low temperatures for Saturday will be 32 and 37 for Sunday. Finally, later on Sunday there will be some increase in clouds and chance of precipitation for Monday. Next forecast for next Thursday 12-3-09 for Mt Vinson, Antarctica.


This forecast is for Chimborazo at 20,565 feet (6286 meters) in Educator; Issued Wednesday 11-18-09.Summary: A weak weather system to the east Chimborazo will bring some clouds in and out of the region and chance of precipitation for Wednesday and Thursday. Amounts should not be heavy. Summit winds will be at 10 mph on Wednesday and at 15 mph for Thursday and Friday. During the showers the winds might briefly go up to 20 mph. Forecast Friday through Sunday is the models are still showing some clouds and chance of precipitation but lower confidence in that part of the forecast. Finally summit winds (20,565 feet-6286 meters) will be in the 10 to 15 mph range for Friday through Sunday.


Forecast for Joshua Tree; Issued Thursday 11-12-09. Summary: The ridge of high pressure that has been in place from earlier this week and that has brought temperatures in the mid 70’s will slowly move out of ...the region over the next several days. The ridge will be replaced by a cool upper level low (inside slider) that moves in from the north and east. Temperatures will cool during the period and it will become breezy for Saturday and early on Sunday. By Sunday a ridge of high pressure builds just to the east of the Joshua Tree region and this will bring cool and sunny conditions but breezy.Next weekly forecast will be issued by Thursday 11-19-09 for Educator to Chimborazo, 20,565 feet (6286 meters).


Issued Saturday 11-7-09. The Washington and Oregon Cascades will get 10 to 20 inches of new snow at 4000 feet and above on Saturday and another additional 10 to 20 inches on Monday. See the map. Every week we plan to update a different region (on worldwide basis) with a weekend forecast.

Lead forecaster Michael Fagin has been providing mountain weather forecasts since the 1970's. We provide forecasts on an international basis. Here is a brief list of climbers that have used our services: Ed Viesturs, Jimmy Chin, David Breashears, Wally Berg, Alpine Ascents International, International Mountain Guides, RMI Expeditions, to name a few. As a mountaineer and a weather forecaster my goal is to provide accurate custom forecasts. Visit, and