Mt. Evans Topos


The Tan Buttresses Topo by Ben Collett(left to right; all routes are 4 to 6 pitches)

Orange line: Fallen Angel (5.11+) Dark red line: Nothin' But a Good Time (5.10+ R) Blue line: Lazy Sunday Route (5.10-) Orange line: Anniversary Route (5.9+) Purple line: Gimp Route (5.8) Red line: Dog Fight (5.10) Black line: Goat Food (5.11-) Dark blue line: Astro Goat (5.11 A0) Green line: Hard to Say (5.10) Yellow line: Mussafar's Home Cookin' (5.9)

Not shown: Space Miser (5.11; between Astro Goat and Hard to Say)


The Possibility Wall Topo by Rob Pizem (left to right)

Blue line: It's a Homonym (5.12b, mixed gear to 4 inches and bolts) Red to orange line: Aqualung (5.12+, mixed gear to 2 inches and bolts, 200-foot pitch) Red line: Rocky Mountain High (5.12, mixed gear to 3 inches and bolts, 200-foot pitch) Light green line: Baby Steps (5.11-, mixed gear to 1 inch and bolts) Dark green line: Tenacious P (5.12c, mixed gear to .75 inches and bolts) Dark red line from bottom to top (main dihedral): Corner Route (5.12-, original aid line on wall, random rusty bolt) Light green line: Back to the Earth (5.13+, mixed gear to 1 inch and bolts) Pink line: A Vacation From Your Problems (5.13b, mixed gear, bolts) Pink extension: Open Arete Project (V11/V13 bouldery, all bolts, 35 feet long) Light yellow line: Hopeless, aka High Hopes (5.14ish closed project, all bolts)


Little Possibility Wall Info from Rob Pizem

These routes are about 100 yards to the east of the Possibility Wall and can be approached from above or below. The routes on the topo are about 200 feet and were done in two pitches. From left to right: The first four routes are between 5.7 and 5.9. The fifth one is 5.11+/12- through the roof at the midpoint. The sixth line is 5.8, and the short one in right center is 5.7. There are two 5.11 topropes in upper right. No bolts were placed on the wall, and there are no anchors. Around the left corner of the photo, the wall is around 300 to 400 feet tall. Many of the climbs on both faces were likely climbed years ago but are undocumented.