Multiple 5.14d Ascents Go Down in Spain


1/15/13 - Climbers in Spain have been going “a muerte” this winter, with several recent 5.14d (9a) ascents by climbers from around the world.

Italian climber Gabriele Moroni sent Jungle Speed in Siurana, Spain, in late December; the route is short and powerful on a colorful wall. Moroni called the line "soft": apparently he repeated it the next day with a hangover. This is his first of the grade in Spain, land of hard sport routes; his last 5.14d ascent was The Essential in Frankenjua, Germany, in May 2012. Fellow Italian Jacopo Larcher made the fourth ascent of Jungle Speed in December.

In Santa Linya, Magnus Midtboe, a Norwegian climber, grabbed the first ascent of Analogica Natural Left, an extension of Analogica Natural that goes to the top of the Santa Linya cave, on New Year’s Eve. Jakob Schubert, an Austrian climber, made the second ascent a few days after Midtboe. Schubert had a very successful trip to Spain with five 5.14d ascents, including Fuck the System, which he did the same day as Analogica Natural Left; Direct Open Your Mind, which Mitboe had done earlier in the year; Ciudad de Dios; and Seleccio Natural.

Also visiting Santa Linya is Joe Kinder, who climbed Analogica Natural Left after multiple falls from the top crux move. He also sent Seleccio Natural after projecting it for a few days. Kinder will be in Spain until May; no doubt we'll see more hard routes from him.

Dates of ascents: December 2012/January 2013