New 5.14d in Norway

Jorg Verhoeven on his Nordic Flower. Photo by Saku Korosuo

Jorg Verhoeven on his Nordic Flower. Photo by Saku Korosuo

9/9/11 - Dutch climber Jorg Verhoeven has spent some time recently developing a cave in the Flatanger region of Norway, where he has climbed a 5.14d link-up.

"I must say, I have never seen anything like this place before," he said. "The Americans would come up with a 'Next Level Something,' but all I can think of is the next level of astonishment."

The route is a 230-foot extension of a existing project bolted last year called Nordic Flower, that's "one of the most brilliant routes I've ever done," he said. "There's two logical intermediate chains, where there's rests but no really comfy no-hands."

Regarding the grade, Verhoeven feels it's harder than Hades, a 5.14d he climbed recently, but admits that he has little experience with the grade. "It might as well be 'only' 5.14c, but it sure felt pretty tough," he said.

Apparently Magnus Midtboe and Dani Andrada will be visiting next month, which Verhoeven hopes means a visit to this new cave area. Nordic Flower still offers 50 more feet of climbing to the top to yield the full route—with a V11 boulder problem at the lip.

Verhoven has been scoping out other caves in the area, bolting routes here and there. Apparently some of these caves are up to 500 feet tall. "Santa Linya is like a puppet theater against these things," he said.

Visit Verhoeven's blog for more photos.

Date of ascent: September 2011