New 9.5mm Fusion Ion From Sterling


Biddeford, ME (April 2008). Sterling Rope once again has brought to life a new dynamic cord for their Fusion series, the Ion. The Fusion series is a collection of high performance ropes in the sub- 10mm category. The ropes in this series were designed for the challenges of difficult climbs. The Nitro 9.8mm and the new, extremely popular Nano 9.2mm both feature unique constructions to provide great handling, lightweight and durability for their size. Sterling has bridged the diameter gap between these two ropes with the new Ion 9.5mm.

Sterling Rope is known for its innovation in the life safety rope market and for designing ropes that are lighter, more durable and better handling for their specific purposes. There are several things that make the Ion innovative. The core and sheath feature a unique construction, different from any other rope on the market, as well as having Sterling's proprietary DryCore to provide an all-around high performance"skinny" cord. This new design gives a low impact force of only 8.4kN without hindering performance. Weighing just 60 grams per meter, it is lighter than most 9.5s making that approach to the crag a little easier. The sheath is crafted from a unique fusion of colors that creates a dramatic speckled look resembling more of a piece of art than rope sheath. The colors available are green, blue, and red respectively called Earth, Wind, and Fire.

From sport to ice, and every adventure in between, the Fusion Ion is guaranteed to get you belayed...

Specifications: Falls Held: 5 Elongation: 10% Impact Force: 8.40kN Grams per Meter: 60 MSRP $210.00 (60M) Available in Dry only CE and UIAA certified.

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