New AustriAlpin Ice Tool

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New AustriAlpin Ice Tool

A smart tool

HU.go is hardware specialist AustriAlpin’s latest innovation: an extremely flexible ice tool with an adjustable pick and handle that can be extended or contracted according to the ice climber’s hand size.

AustriAlpin has extended their ice climbing product range, its latest addition being HU.go, an innovative ice tool that meets a very wide range of demands posed both by the ice and the climber. This high flexibility is due to the blade that can be adjusted in different angles and the handle that can be adjusted in its length. It’s the AustriAlpin’s specialist team of top ice climbers who helped develop this tool in uncompromising tests.

Allround-ice climber Hansjörg Mair, a team member of AustriAlpin, observes: “HU.go is the perfect companion for ice climbers. During our tests, it’s proved to be the ideal tool for any aspect of ice climbing, being easily and quickly adjustable. In addition, this is a very light tool at only 640 grams”.

The peculiar name “HU.go” has, of course, been intentional: Besides being a first name, Hugo is pronounced “you go”, paying tribute to the fact that ice climbers can virtually go everywhere with this tool. Michael Uhrmann, manager of AustriAlpin, explains: “HU.go is the most flexible and innovative ice tool that is currently being sold. It gives you the opportunity to try out every facet of ice climbing, whether it be mixed climbing, steep ice or a flat ice sheet. Thanks to its blade being adjustable in four different angles, from steep to flat, HU.go has always got the ideal setting for the various uses.”

The flattest angle is especially suitable for “normal” ice climbing between Wi2 and Wi4 and showed a suprisingly good “pull” during tests – in a way that is only known from the “old” tools back when they had straight handles! The next position, a little steeper, is perfectly suitable for challenging ice falls of higher difficulty levels. Ice climbers, who need a yet steeper position, to climb difficult mixed or dry-tooling routes with minor placementscan adjust the blade even further.

Naturally, HU.go disposes of the patented “no tools” system of AustriAlpin – meaning that without having to use any extra tools, other blades like the tube picks of the “vampire” series can be attached and adjusted in their angle directly and easily whilst in the ice. There are no spare parts that could be lost. The handle, made from two kinds of synthetics of different abrasiveness, accommodates an optional finger hook, rendering HU.go more stable during the blow.

By the way: the first name “Hugo” means “the clever one”. Therefore we welcome the intelligent offspring to the AustriAlpin-family.

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