Dreamcatcher: New Sharma 5.14+


Chris Sharma works Dreamcatcher at Roctrip in June, 2005. Photo by Luke Laeser

New Sharma 5.14+

9/28/05 - Chris Sharma has redpointed a new sport route among the giant granite boulders below The Chief in Squamish, B.C., and says it’s “probably 14c or 14d.” The 70-foot line, called Dreamcatcher, diagonals across a severely overhanging face on Kacademon Rock. Sharma bolted the climb with Sonnie Trotter and worked on it for a few weeks this summer, when he got to the last move, “an all-out dyno,” before falling, according to Josh Lowell, who filmed the climb. He returned last week and redpointed the climb Sept. 23 on his second day of attempts.

Chris Sharma moves across the 40-degree overhang of Dreamcatcher. Photo courtesy of Josh Lowell / Big UP (www.bigUPproductions.com)

New Sharma 5.14+