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Niles Barnes BlogNiles Barnes passion for climbing runs deep, from ice to trad to sport to bouldering — he loves to do it all and suggests that specialization is for insects. Since moving to KY six years ago, he's been fortunate to climb in some beautiful areas in the US and Canada, in France, Switzerland and a bit in Argentina. Check out: for more

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Niles Barnes - Reader Blog 312/15/09 - Community is everywhere. It’s a Saturday morning and I’ve just arrived at the airport in Riverside, CA. I take a cab to my hotel where I am stationed for the weekend participating in interviews to determine who will eventually be the head of the organization I work for. The front desk tells me I’m too early to check into my room. I ask if there is a climbing gym anywhere nearby.Niles Barnes - Reader Blog 26/23/09 - Climbers are some of the most immature people on the face of the earth and I mean that in a very good way. It is precisely because of this immaturity, that I think climbers are actually some of the most evolved and advanced group of people I have ever known. As I discovered on a climbing trip to Smith Rock, the human species has in fact naturally evolved by retaining immature characteristics.Niles Barnes - Reader Blog 15/27/09 - I remember when I first discovered that there are more important things in life than climbing. It was morning and I was standing outside in the cold of March, down coat over top of my hospital gown, bandages covering my hands and an IV hooked to my arm. It was day 5 of being in the Chamonix hospital and I was taking a moment to walk around and stretch my legs in the parking lot.