Nina Caprez Repeats Mind Control (5.14c)


2/22/12 - Nina Caprez has redpointed Mind Control (5.14c) in Oliana, Spain, a few days just after Daila Ojeda climbed the same line. The Swiss climber has made other hard ascents like Fish Eye (5.14b, Oliana) and Silbergeier (5.14a, six pitches, Swiss Alps).

Caprez had two projects in Oliana: Pappy Mullat and Mind Control. She put in about 10 attempts to Pappy, but was not able to finish the line. Regarding Mind Control, Caprez said it was a "perfect line. The climb is like a voyage, and the key to success is to stay calm and to feel comfortable with all this air under your ass." She has worked this line before, and after seeing Ojeda and Joe Kinder hike the line, she was even more motivated to send.

"The grade of Mind Control is really not extreme. If somebody will downgade, why not?" she said. "But honestly, grades are so unimportant. I’ve had the chance to climb such a fantastic line, and I feel so alive, and my body is full of energy and power. I can realize my dreams—what else counts in life?"

Date of ascent: February 20, 2012