Nine-year-old Sends Double Digits


UPDATED: 4/14/11 - Julien Jarry provides nice photos of Ashima Shiraishi from her trip to Hueco Tanks, Texas, in March, including shots of her working Martini Right.See them here.

4/6/11 - News link: Ashima Shiraishi, a 9-year-old crusher from New York, recently spent two weeks in Hueco Tanks, Texas, dispatching numerous double-digit problems.

Big UP reports that the highlight of Shiraishi's trip was also a disappointing one: She came agonizingly close to sending the classic Right Martini (V12) that has not yet seen a female ascent. She managed her way through the crux several times, but unfortunately couldn't control a foot swing into a tree that invalidated the ascent.

Shiraishi did come away with impressive ascents, including Chablanke (V11/12), Roger in the Shower (V11), and Mojo (V10), and even flashed Mangum (V9).

Shiraishi came into the spotlight a year ago with her ascent of Power of Silence (V10), also in Hueco. This was her second V10 (first was The Wave at Rat Rock). She also won her division at ABS 12 Nationals in February.

Read more about Shiraishi in this Urban Climber feature.

Date of ascents: March 2011