Noguchi, Hojer Win 2014 IFSC Boulder World Cup

Akiyo Noguchi

Akiyo Noguchi sends the final problem, clinching her victory in Laval and the World Cup. Photo: IFSC

6/30/14 - After eight events spread across seven countries, this year’s IFSC Boulder World Cup has come to a close. Japan’s Akiyo Noguchi and Germany’s Jan Hojer are this year’s champions in the women’s and men’s divisions, respectively. It was an exciting season that all came down to the final event in Laval, France.

Noguchi clinched the women’s title with an incredible rally in the latter half of the season. After floating around the top four spots in the first four events but failing to secure a victory, she became unstoppable, topping the podium in all of the last four competitions. This is Noguchi’s third overall World Cup victory. Since 2009, she and Anna Stöhr have traded off first and second place, with Noguchi finding herself in the runner-up spot from 2011-2013. This year she reclaimed the title, while Stöhr fell into third and Shauna Coxsey took second. Coxsey had a strong year, becoming the first British woman to win a World Cup at the Grindelwald, Switzerland event. Then she did it again at the very next competition in Innsbruck, Austria.

On the men’s side, Hojer’s victory was secured before the Laval finals even started. Going into the final event, Hojer had such a lead that prime competitor Dmitri Sharafutdinov had to have won the competition, and Sharafutdinov failed to even qualify for the Laval semi-finals. Hojer would have had to come in fifth to knock himself down to the overall second-place spot. This is Hojer’s first overall World Cup victory.

Of the North American competitors, American Alex Puccio and Canadian Sean McColl both placed sixth overall. The two were the only consistent North Americans on (or close to) the podium throughout the cup, though 16-year-old Megan Mascarenas managed to take fourth place in Vail.

Final Overall StandingsWomen1. Akiyo Noguchi 2. Shauna Coxsey 3. Anna Stöhr 4. Juliana Wurm 5. Miho Nonaka 6. Alex Puccio

Men1. Jan Hojer 2. Dmitri Sharafutdinov 3. Guillaume Glairon Mondet 4. Rustam Gelmanov 5. Kilian Fischhuber 6. Sean McColl

Watch a replay of the Laval finals below, which includes the overall award ceremony at the end.

Women overall winners

Akiyo Noguchi, Shauna Coxsey, and Anna Stöhr top the women's podium. Photo: IFSC.

Men overall winners

Jan Hojer, Dmitri Sarafutdinov, and Guillaume Glairon Mondet top the men's podium. Photo: IFSC.