Norwegian Woman Finishes Fish Eye (5.14b)

Maria Davis Sandbu on Fish Eye (5.14b). Photo by Henning Wang

Maria Davis Sandbu on Fish Eye (5.14b). Photo by Henning Wang

3/14/12 - Norwegian climber Maria Davies Sandbu has climbed Fish Eye (5.14b) in the hot spot Oliana, Spain. This is her first of the grade; actually, Sandbu skipped 5.14a altogether—her previous hardest route was La Ruta del Sol (5.13d) that she climbed two days prior in Santa Linya.

Sandbu spent three days working out the beta on Fish Eye in December, and now climbed it after three redpoint attempts. She was only in Spain for a four-day trip—which seems like a blink of an eye compared to the time many other pro climbers spend in the area. She told that the crux is "no doubt the middle section where you have to make 10 to 12 intense moves after an OK rest. The last four of these moves are quite hard. When I got through this part, I got the feeling all I had to do was to keep a cool head and not mess anything up, and I would get to the top."

Sandbu also climbed Extension Niu de Xut (5.13d) on her second attempt in Santa Linya during her stay. Now, she plans to switch to bouldering to up her power for a Rocklands trip this summer.

The 20-year-old is the second Norwegian woman to climb 5.14b. Hannah Midtboe was the first with her ascent of Fabelita, also in Spain. Fish Eye has seen female ascents by the likes of Daila Ojeda and Nina Caprez. Watch Caprez climb the route here.

Date of ascent: March 10, 2012