November 2012 - 309




THE GUIDE: MILITARY CLIMBING: Some of the country's greatest crags were developed by the military for war training. Learn their histories—and finest climbs.

ENLISTED CLIMBS: Add one of these military-inspired routes to your tick list.

FIRST STRIKE: Sharpen your picks for surefire ice routes that come in before Thanksgiving.


SAVE YOURSELF: The best way to handle an epic? Don't epic in the first place. Here, the self-reliance tools and tricks you'll need to keep yourself—and your partner—safe.

INVISIBLE WOUNDS: Post-tramautic stress disorder afflicts one in five military veterans. We go to the front lines of treatment: climbing with Veterans Expeditions.

Health & Training

BUILD NAVY SEAL STRENGTH: The Navy SEAL's are indisputably badass. Here's how their training can enhance your climbing.

BOULDER HARDER: Dedicate yourself to this intense 12-month regiment, and you'll pull up to three grades harder.


CAMO CLIMBING: Take a peek at the Army's combat climbing kit. Plus, the military's influence on two key items in every climber's pack.

MIDDLE MANAGEMENT: We field-tested the latest synthetic fleeces on climbs from Patagonia to the Tetons. Here are our top five.

TESTED: With a bomber four-season tent, versatile alpine boots, ultra-durable gloves, and more, there are no excuses not to get outside when the mercury goes south.


HEADGAME: Climbing legend Jim Donini shares the most important skill he learned as a Green Beret.

SHORT-ROPE RAPPELS: How to improvise a rappel when your rope doesn't quite reach.

ONE FOOT, NO HANDS: Master this key technique to rest on pumpy routes.

ROPE MYTHS DEBUNKED: Experts give the definitive answers about what soaked ropes can handle.

CLEANING SPORT ANCHORS: Unsure about cleaning sport anchors? Here's how to lower safely.



The Guide