November 2013 - 320



The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Don't let a rolling sea, rowdy locals, questionable Tyrols, damp gear, and relentless fog turn you away from these unique towers. For the right kind of climber, Scotland's sea stacks are pure fun.

Home Wall Handbook: Woodies are coveted by our tribe, and they're easier (and cheaper!) to build than you think. This comprehensive guide includes blueprints and step-by-step instructions to make your training dreams come true.


Border Country: With 26 peaks and a 20-minute drive from the nearest town, you'd think New Mexico's Organ Mountains would be well-traveled. Think again: Bushwhacking and zero crowds are the name of the game.

Worth the Walk: Find outstanding (and deserted) sport climbs miles from the car. Here are six routes that deserve your time and effort.

Perfect Substitutes: "Classic" means crowds in climbing. Six professional guides offer their alternatives for when your objective has a wait list.


The Right Approach: Long hikes don't have to lay you up for days afterward. Adjust your pack and your posture (with six easy yoga poses) for pain-free hiking to backcountry climbs.

Save the Day: Climbing at isolated crags means being far from help in an emergency; use the gear you've got to treat injuries.

Big Wall Kit: Don't be intimidated by multi-day climbs because of the gear they require. Veteran big-waller Paul Gagner breaks down his kit, including some hard-earned tricks.

Grigri Basics: Just because most climbers use a Grigri doesn't mean every single one is doing it safely and correctly. Bone up on your technique here.

Health and Training

Lose Weight Safely: Dropping a few pounds can help you send. Follow these guidelines to do it safely.


Summit or Bust: Bullet packs can be the key to comfort, safety, and convenience on all-day routes. Here are five field-tested products that will get you to the top.