October 2013 - 319 - Big Trip Issue




South Africa: The Send Safari

Sasha DiGiulian has climbed 5.14d, but she had never claimed a first ascent until this visit to South Africa, where she ticked several first and first female ascents.

Norway: Higher Calling

Like Tuolumne Meadows, only bigger and with no crowds. Brendan Leonard discovered huge granite domes, plunging valleys, and friendly locals in this Scandinavian gem.

Dominican Republic: One Wild Island

This paradise isn't just beautiful beaches and rum drinks—it's a climbing utopia waiting to happen. Brittany Griffith details 10 reasons to get there now.

Greenland: Beginning Again

Pro bouldering Angie Payne knew that an expedition to Greenland would be tough. But, as she learned, reward is proportional to frustration.

Spain: The Way to Tranquilo

Chris Sharma's insane exploits are common knowledge, but Spain isn't only for projecting 5.15. Here, a guide to the best climbing trip ever, from food to 5.10 to futbol.


Alpine Girth-Hitch: Employ this simple method for tying into the middle of a rope.

Anchors in Poor Rock: Build a solid anchor in choss with three guide-recommended methods.

Quickdraw Setup: Prevent mistakes like the one that led to a young climber's death this past July.

How to Rappel: Accidents often happen on the descent. Learn a safe and quick rappel routine here.

Health and Training

Climber's Toe: Take care of aching digits to prolong your climbing life.


Fall Shoe Review: Changing leaves means a whole new batch of sticky-rubber goodness. Here are fall's five best rock shoes.