Oddo: Three 5.14d's in a Week


8/15/12 - Enzo Oddo has climbed three 5.14d's in a week in his native France.

On August 3, 17-year-old Oddo climbed Kick Ass at Déversé Satanique in the Gorges du Loup. A week later, on August 9, he sent Promotion Canne à Pêche at La Ramirole. The next day, he finished PPP (aka Les 3P) at Grotte Les Galetas.

These aren't Oddo's hardest climbs to date; he's completed multiple 5.15s, including Chris Sharma's Biographie/Realization and La Rambla. But this might be the least amount of time he's taken to climb multiple high-end 5.14s.

Dates of ascents: August 3–10, 2012

Source: enzo-oddo.fr