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Oh Eun-sun's 8,000er Record Challenged

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Oh Eun-sun summiting Annapurna in April 2010. Photo from live television broadcast

Oh Eun-sun's 8,000er Record Challenged

9/2/10 – News link: On April 27, Korean Oh Eun-sun summited 26,545-foot Annapurna, and news stories worldwide declared she was the first woman to climb all 14 of the world’s 8,000-meter peaks. However, doubts about her May 2009 summit of Kangchenjunga have continued to swirl, including questions raised by rival Edurne Pasaban of Spain, who completed the 14 peaks in May of this year. On Thursday, August 26, the Korean Alpine Federation announced that Oh’s summit claim was "unlikely" due to lack of proof. Most controversial was her summit photo, which many claim was inconsistent with the actual summit's landscape. Oh said the photo was blurry due to inclement weather. Three Sherpas accompanied her ascent; one stated her team had reached the summit, another said they turned away an hour from the top, and the third has not been interviewed. Explorersweb.com, which has supported Oh’s summit claim, has an extensive account of the issue, which you can read here.

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