Ondra Gets Third Ascent of Monkey Wedding (V15)

Adam Ondra in the men's lead finals. Photo courtesy of arco2011.it

Adam Ondra in the men

UPDATED: 8/29/11 - Adam Ondra hasn't slowed down since his repeat ascent of Monkey Wedding two weeks ago. Since arriving in Rocklands, South Africa, he's climbed at least 22 V11s or harder.

One of the more recent ascents is Golden Shadow (V14), which he called a "strange line to look at." He's flashed one V13, one V12, and four V11s so far. He simply said, "Proud of this!" about the V13, The Power of One, flash.

8/16/11 - Adam Ondra is spending some time in Rocklands, South Africa, where two days ago he made the third ascent of Fred Nicole's Monkey Wedding. On his scorecard, Ondra confirmed its V15 grade: "Definitely my hardest problem so far and deserves the grade." The ascent took him four days to complete.

Nicole opened up the problem in 2002, and Paul Robinson made the second ascent in August 2010.

This marks Ondra's third V15 so far; he climbed From the Dirt Grows the Flowers and Big Paw, both in Chironico, Switzerland, last November. At Rocklands, so far he's completed Amandla (V14), Madiba (V13; second go), The Power of One (V13), and several other V11s and V12s.

Ondra recently competed at the Arco World Championships, where he placed second in bouldering and third in lead, giving him the overall gold.

Date of ascent: August 14, 2011

Source: 8a.nu