Ondra Lays Out Goals: 5.15+ or 5.16, Karakoram, and the Dawn Wall


August 13, 2015 - CNN reporters Matthew Knight and Leila Hussain have published an excellent interview with Czech climbing superstar Adam Ondra. Some highlights are captured in the short video presented here, and in the longer version of the interview Ondra also talks about his climbing style and his vision for the coming years.

"For the moment my goal is to push my boundaries a little bit higher in terms of sport climbing and maybe climb a route of grade 9c [5.15d] or maybe 9c+ [5.16a]," Ondra told CNN. "But definitely later on I would like to travel a little bit more and go in to mountains of Karakoram in Pakistan."

Before that, however, Ondra is planning to attempt a certain route on El Capitan in Yosemite Valley.

"Dawn Wall is an amazing route and totally unique as it packs so many hard pitches on the top of each other," Ondra said in the CNN interview. "Tommy and Kevin made an awesome job by freeing this route. I would definitely like to try it next year in autumn and possibly climb it faster.

"Climbing it in one day would be my lifetime dream, but I have never climbed a single pitch on El Cap, so let's not talk about it too early."

Read the full CNN interview and see many photos here.