Ondra Onsights Two Red River 5.14d Routes

11/1/12 – Adam Ondra onsighted the Red River Gorge’s hardest routes today: Pure Imagination and The Golden Ticket, both 5.14d.

Jonathan Siegrist made the first ascent of Pure Imagination in November 2010, and the route has seen repeats by climbers like Adam Taylor, Sasha DiGiulian, and Jorg Verhoeven. Taylor redpointed The Golden Ticket in October 2009 for the first ascent.

Ondra has suggested downgrades for both routes, to 5.14c; he also said Golden Ticket felt harder than Pure Imagination (he climbed the former just an hour after finishing the latter). “Having nothing to loose [sic], I just kept going in 100% efficient style to top. Fought hard, had a huge luck, but didn’t punt it. High end 8c+ [5.14c]. Climbing with good ascents in the bag feels like cheating, no stress and everything just flows…”

Ondra was filmed during his Golden Ticket ascent.

Date of ascents: November 1, 2012